To Our Nurses at Caris Healthcare: Thank You for Being Different

To our nurses at Caris Healthcare,

During National Nurses Week, throughout the month, and the rest of the year, we honor and thank you for your special skills and abilities to make such a huge difference in the lives of our patients and families.

As hospice nurses, you are in a unique position. You provide care and support for everyday people going through what could be the toughest time of their life.  You must possess a combination of exceptional expertise, compassion, and emotional intelligence. You are expected to collaborate well with others, have great communication skills, and build rapport with a multitude of people who may stem from just one patient served.

Hospice is a team approach to patient care which offers a support system involving personal, medical, social, psychological, and spiritual care. Although you are predominantly responsible for medical care, you work with your team to ensure all aspects of care are addressed.

You know when to call in the chaplain, relay pertinent information to the social worker, suggest a volunteer assist with socialization, discuss day-to-day issues with the hospice aide, or when to confer with the physician on changes in symptoms or medications.

This year added unusual and unexpected challenges. Despite the uncertainties of a global health pandemic, the never-ending news cycle pertaining to your day to day responsibilities, and the many changes thrown your way, you maintained strength, professionalism, and trust in the Caris Healthcare way. You bravely and enthusiastically agreed to serve each patient and family who needed your care, despite the fear of the unknown. You continued to provide world class hospice care. Through it all, you remained peaceful in the face of death. You displayed confidence and tranquility when others were frightened and unsure.

Hospice is a different type of care and it takes a different kind of nurse to do it well. Thank you for being different. Thank you for being excellent nurses. We are grateful to have each of you on Caris Healthcare’s team.


Cindy Jacquemin
Vice President of Patient Care