Informed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Caris Healthcare, every life is our mission—regardless of race, color, age, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, religion, sex, or gender.

We support quality end-of-life care, diversity, and inclusion. Caris is committed to eliminating the barriers to care for historically marginalized groups and strives for cultural competency. We believe exceptional patient care begins with our values of compassion, accountability, respect, integrity, and service.

We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for each of our patients, families, and employees. Our goal is to make sure everyone’s needs are met physically, emotionally, and spiritually because we believe everyone has the intrinsic right to a quality life and quality end-of-life care.

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The Better Way

We strive to better care for you or your family by earning diversity certifications and providing DEI training to further advocate for inclusive hospice and palliative care. Our “Better Way” method provides a set of promises to our patients that we honor and uphold while they’re under our care.

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Our mission is to offer hospice care with grace to everyone.

Our vision is to bring our commitment to being world-class hospice to all groups equitably.

Our values are Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Integrity & Service.


Programs that Improve Hospice Care For Everyone

As part of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we ensure our programs are following DEI best practices, and we continue to listen and learn to better care for our communities.

Personalized Care Plans

Caris cares for you the way you want. We believe in personalized care plans that start with us asking every patient what the three most important things we need to know about them to provide excellent care. We listen to patient needs and adjust our plans based on those unique needs.

Trauma-informed Care

We are here for “connection before correction.” We respond to trauma with trust, patience, and safety at the forefront of our care plans. Our program is built on a foundation of listening and learning, not telling you what’s best for you without your input.

Three Most Important Things (TMIT) Program

In order to provide excellent care to everyone, we ask everyone what the three most important things we need to know about them. We want to meet the need of every patient, and this foundational approach paves the way to understanding and open communication.

Cultural Competency

We offer additional DEI training to all Caris team members to ensure we provide the highest quality and culturally competent care. We prioritize building community relationships as well.

Founder Norman McRae On Diversity

By humbly inquiring and listening, hospice professionals are offering dignity and respect to those who suffered injustice ... Hospice professionals approach each person with a humble request to help guide them through pain in all forms. Hospice sees each life as worthy of offering forgiveness and asking forgiveness.

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