Missing Mom on Mother’s Day

The spring rains have come and gone. Sunny days warm the earth, reminding flowers to push their way to new life. They long for attention in pots and vases in our homes, workplaces, and worship centers. In this season of joy and renewal, we celebrate mothers.

For those of us who lost our mothers, the season can bring a new wave of grief as it reminds us of our loss. The empty chair at the kitchen table, or space in the pew jogs memories of days past. If it is the first year without Mom, the amount of hurt can sometimes catch us off-guard.

It’s okay to grieve, to acknowledge the pain of losing someone dear. It is okay to sit with the grief, and feel it. This grief reminds us of the depth of our love. Grief reminds us of the spectrum of emotions that fill our lives. Grief can remind us to engage more fully in our current relationships, or inspire us to care for others in new ways, or to engage in a new purpose.

If your mother were alive, what would she suggest you do this Mother’s Day? You can honor her by trying something she would enjoy. Whether it’s spending a quiet day at a park, taking someone a meal, calling a relative, or tending to your garden, consider what your mother would do and give it a try this Mother’s Day. It may give you an opportunity to relive a special experience with her. It could lighten your spirits, and possibly give you opportunity to touch someone else’s life like she touched yours.