Daddy Dance with Me

A man in his early 60s was admitted to the care of the Caris team. He was married with two children—a son and daughter.

He voiced one of his main concerns to the Caris team: “What will happen to my family?” He spoke of the sadness of not being there for the many milestones in his children’s lives. One in particular was to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

The Caris staff mobilized to make this dream a reality. The Caris chaplain would officiate the ceremony. The patient’s nurse created fabric flowers. The Caris team obtained a wedding dress and secured the service of a photographer. The special gift of the day was an eternity ring with its own specially engraved box.

Father and daughter shared a dance to Daddy Dance with Me and were surrounded by friends and family. The patient was overwhelmed by this wonderful experience, one his daughter always will treasure.

At Caris Healthcare we know our patients desire to pass peacefully, painlessly, with dignity, surrounded by family and friends, and having left good memories. Simply by asking “what are the three most important things do we need to know about you to provide excellent care” the Caris team was able to make a lasting memory for the whole family.


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