Volunteer at the Holidays

This year a woman will be spending the holidays in a nursing facility for the first time. Across town, a man sits at an empty table with only a frozen dinner for comfort. In a house on Maple Street, a man lays in bed staring out his window, watching the glow of lights and decorations from a distance. The most wonderful time of the year is not always so wonderful. For those in grief, holidays often exacerbate existing stressors.

The season is a flurry of activity in communities across the nation:   bell ringers, fundraisers, clothing and toy donation drives, food boxes, holiday markets, and festivals. For every person compelled to give, there is no lack of persons in need to receive.

Countless seniors are confronted with the weight of loneliness, limited support, and the debilitating effects of a terminal illness. The good news is that you can help! There are countless ways to make a difference in the lives of others:

  • Singing carols or holiday songs
  • Visiting those who are shut-in and alone
  • Preparing a meal
  • Spending time engaging in social activities such as a game of checkers or watching TV programs
  • Donating warm hats, socks, and scarves to those in need
  • Adopting a “grandparent” allows seniors to share their stories and history with the younger generation
  • Paying tribute to our Veterans

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Caris Healthcare please visit carishealthcare.com/volunteer/. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to discuss ways you can give back this holiday season.