Virtual Visit for Patient’s Family Members

Caris Healthcare wants to help our patients connect with family members who are not currently able to make visits. Schedule a virtual visit today!

To schedule a virtual visit, we need your email address and you need a phone, tablet, or computer that:

  • Can connect the internet
  • Has a camera, microphone, and speakers (most newer devices have this built in)
  • Has email access

A Caris Healthcare employee will send an invitation to your email through Microsoft Teams.

  • If using a phone or tablet, download the Microsoft Teams application. Once downloaded, you will click the link in the email invitation to access the virtual visit.
  • If using a computer, click the link in the email invitation and use your web browser to access the virtual visit. It is not necessary to download the application. To access audio, utilize the speakers on your computer after clicking the link or mute that audio and call the phone number and access code listed in the email.

Tips for your virtual visit:

  • Minimize background noise and movement. Look into the camera and smile.
  • Realize there may be a slight delay in sending and receiving speech depending on the connection. Speak clearly and pause to allow for a response.
  • Be mindful of the patient’s attention span when considering the length of the conversation.
  • If your loved one has trouble understanding why you cannot visit, respond to their emotion rather than re-explaining why you cannot visit: “I really miss you. I wish I could see you too.” Responding to their emotions may not answer their questions directly, but it provides the comfort they are seeking.
  • Your loved one may be upset you cannot visit, prepare yourself by understanding virtual visits are the safest way to connect to your loved one right now.
  • Close the conversation on a positive note: “I look forward to the next time we can talk.”

Caris Healthcare can set up a practice visit to walk you through these steps before scheduling a virtual visit with your loved one. Call 866.694.4848 for more information.