Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

Self-care for healthcare professionals is always complex considering the nature of the profession, but self-care is an essential aspect of your role. It is important you do not feel unrealistically responsible for patients. Avoid your internal monologue or “self-talk” that says things like:

  • “It is selfish to take time to rest.”
  • “Others are working around the clock, so should I.”
  • “If I am not going to do it, who will?”

Instead, remind yourself:

  • “My quality of life is important.”
  • “If I am not well, I cannot care for my patients and I cannot be there for my team.”
  • “I trust my team and will reach out to them when I need help.”

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs’ National Center for PTSD published an article entitled, “Managing Healthcare Workers’ Stress Associated with the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak.” Here is the list of recommendations for healthcare professionals to consider while on the job:

  • self-monitoring and pacing
  • regular check-ins with colleagues
  • working in partnerships or in teams
  • brief relaxation/stress management breaks
  • regular peer consultation and supervision
  • time-outs for basic bodily care and nutrition
  • regularly seeking out accurate information and mentoring to assist in making decisions
  • keeping anxieties under control
  • avoid overgeneralizing fears
  • focusing efforts on what is within your power
  • acceptance of situations you cannot change
  • fostering a spirit of strength, patience, tolerance, and hope

We need each of you to care for yourself in order to create an environment that balances excellent patient care along with your own personal emotional, mental, and physical health.

Caris Healthcare cannot thank the healthcare community enough for the professionalism, leadership, and compassion displayed during this time.