Into the News

Caris Healthcare’s Three Most Important Things program asks the question, “What are the Three Most Important Things we need to know about you to provide excellent care?” This program reminds us of the importance of individualized care and pushes us to identify and highlight the unique things about each of our patients. Some patients don’t have an immediate answer to this question, but that doesn’t mean their Three Most Important Things aren’t honored. Our attentive staff listens carefully to figure out what means most to our patients and honor those things to improve their quality of life.

A patient in Kansas City lived a very interesting life. As a World War ll veteran, he traveled the world as a Navy pilot. Following his discharge he continued to fly, piloting many international flights. He enjoyed the cultures and people in the countries he visited and liked to keep abreast of the events recorded and stories shared in the newspapers.

Unfortunately, he had no access to a newspaper at the facility where he was receiving services. He felt out of touch with the world he once explored enthusiastically. His morning routine of reading the paper over a cup of coffee had been broken. Although this was a simple ritual, the patient no longer felt like himself. His routine, interests and understanding of the world around him were interrupted.

Jotting down “into the news” as one of his Three Most Important Things, the Caris nurse made a special point to purchase a paper every morning as a treat, allowing the patient to remain engaged in current events. The Caris Social Worker joined forces, contacting the local newspaper to inquire about purchasing a subscription. Moved by the story, the Kansas City Star agreed to offer a generous reduction in price to assist Caris with honoring the patient’s Three Most Important Thing. A newsworthy event for sure!