Hosts of American Pickers Visit Caris Patient

“We are so grateful to have fans like you”
… and Caris Healthcare is so grateful for TV stars who have a heart for our hospice patients

Reality TV stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz brought tears to the family of a Caris Healthcare hospice patient in Chattanooga when they turned a brief 20-minute visit into an hour-and-a-half get-together that made the patient’s Three Most Important Things a reality.

David had spent a lifetime collecting antiques and classic cars until his terminal condition left him mostly confined to his living room, where his favorite activity was to watch Mike’s and Frank’s American Pickers show for antique collectors and enthusiasts. How much does he love the show? When he was admitted to Caris’ service, he named American Pickers as one of his Three Most Important Things, a program unique to Caris in which every patient is asked at admission: “What three most important things do we need to know about you to provide excellent care?”

When Caris Chattanooga Administrator Dakota Burdette heard that a patient had named American Pickers a Three Most Important Thing, he went into action—eventually connecting with one of the show’s staff members who said that Mike and Frank would be excited to meet with their fan in Chattanooga.

When the day of the much-anticipated visit arrived, Dakota, along with Caris Hospice Aides Hope Dunn and Natalie Gooner, helped welcome Mike, Frank and members of the American Pickers crew to David’s home. David’s family told the Caris team that this was the happiest they had seen their loved one in a very long time. Mike and Frank asked David about his classic cars and talked antiques. They played with David’s grandchildren and spoke with every member of the family. And when it was time to leave, David insisted—despite his condition—on walking his new friends to the door.

It was a wonderfully happy day for David. So happy that it brought tears to the eyes of his family.

“That’s what Caris’ Three Most Important Things is all about,” Dakota said.


Dakota pictured with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz