Caris Healthcare’s Commitment to Quality Care Shows

Caris Healthcare is committed to providing quality, compassionate care to each patient we serve. Our healthcare team members take pride in the care they provide, and all plans of care are individualized with valuable input from the patient and family, the patient’s personal physician and, where appropriate, the patient’s nursing center or assisted living community. In addition, Caris nurses and nurses’ aides spend more time with patients during each visit than the national median of hospice nursing care.



Caris has a lower percentage of “other” diagnosis categories than the hospice field as a whole. Caris ensures each patient is evaluated individually to properly determine his/her eligibility for hospice care. Knowing the patient’s specific diagnosis helps Caris staff better manage patient symptoms and provide specific education to the patient and family on end-of-life care.



When patients reach the end of life, they often experience severe symptoms such as pain, nausea, anxiety and shortness of breath. Due to the compassionate care provided by Caris Healthcare team members, our patients see a decrease in each of these symptoms—and an increase in comfort and peace of mind. Caris Healthcare is ranked above the nation for hospices in symptom control within 48 hours of admission to hospice.