Bereavement during a Global Pandemic

Caris Healthcare provides a variety of bereavement services families need during these unfamiliar times. Traditions and rituals are important for closure. We won’t let COVID-19 stop that from happening.

There are still ways you can formally grieve the loss of your loved one with friends and family:

Letters: Ask your friends and family to write a letter with their favorite memory of your loved one. Call someone close and read the letters together.

Donations: Friends and families want to help. Since flowers may not be an option, ask for donations to your loved one’s favorite organization.

Memorial Service: Memorial services do not have to be adorned with flowers and crowds. Create your own intimate memorial service by lighting a candle, reading a poem, and playing your loved one’s favorite music. Plan and set aside a specific amount of time to formally and intentionally process your loss.

Plan Ahead: Plan for a traditional funeral or memorial service for a time when restrictions on large gatherings are lifted.

Social Media: Social media is a great platform to reach out for help and words of encouragement. If you do not use social media, there is a good chance someone you love does and they want to help.

Let Go of Anxiety: Your friends and family want to be there. They want to support you, but they just might not know how. If you are uncomfortable or lack the emotional energy to coordinate these activities, delegate this to a close friend or call your Caris team.

Helping families cope through difficult times is our passion and area of expertise. It is our purpose and pleasure to help you honor the life of your loved one.