A Beautiful Gift

A Caris patient listed crocheting as one of her Three Most Important Things. Although diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and dementia, the patient often talked about her love for crocheting. She proudly explained how she had crocheted a baby blanket for the birth of each of her grandchildren. One of her granddaughters was now pregnant, and the patient really wanted to make a baby blanket for her great-grandchild, just like she had for her grandchildren.

But the patient’s husband told Caris employees that, due to her condition, his wife could not remember how to start crocheting a baby blanket. A Caris social worker began looking for someone in the area who could use the patient’s yarn and needles to start the blanket for her.

One of our colleagues in an NHC nursing center was caring for a 90-year-old patient who also enjoyed crocheting. Delighted to help, the NHC patient took the yarn and needles and carefully crocheted the first row of the baby blanket before returning it to Caris staff. When Caris employees took the blanket with a row started back to their patient, she smiled from ear to ear and beamed with excitement.

Caris social workers also played a YouTube video for the patient that demonstrated basic crocheting techniques as a reminder. The patient enjoyed the video but still had trouble remembering how to use the crochet needles. But not to worry—one of the patient’s caregivers knew how to crochet, and she helped her finish the baby blanket.

The patient was beaming with pride, joy and satisfaction as she presented the beautiful blanket to her pregnant granddaughter. Caris was honored to help fulfill our patient’s TMIT, enabling her to create a keepsake blanket that will serve as a beautiful memory for the family for years to come.